Our Story

Brush Buddies started with one goal in mind, to develop quality products that make brushing fun! Over the years we have successfully accomplished that goal by creating a fantastic group of character-based toothbrushes and great oral care products that families and dentists across the world have come to know and love. Each of our Brush Buddies products are unique and include a wide variety of features ranging from our everyday manual toothbrushes to our top pop artist singing toothbrushes. Any way you look at it, Brush Buddies simply...makes brushing fun!

Brush Buddies is a brand in a category that everybody uses twice a day and that many find a boring routine. Studies have shown that people on average brush their teeth for less than a minute, when dentists recommend you brush your teeth for 2 minutes.

Think about it, did you spend a full two minutes brushing your teeth this morning?

We recognised this was a huge problem, so we surveyed kids, parents and dentists, and found that we could increase brushing time if we made brushing fun.

Introducing Brush Buddies, the brand created to make brushing fun!